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Green Stuff World 17ml 9329 Brush Repair Gel

Our Part No: GSW9329
Manufacturer: Green Stuff World
Quantity Available: 6 (live stock level)

Price: £4.40
£3.67 (Ex.VAT)
Green Stuff World Models / Kits

Category ----- Tools
Sub Category - Green Stuff World

Paints / Glue are not included with any kit
(unless stated otherwise.)

This is a New Item -

Brush repair gel also called brush restorer is a product used to revive and restore the shape and form of paintbrushes as well as your makeup brushes. Brush repair gel is water-soluble and does not stain, because it contains a mixture of conditioning agents and solvents that work together to reshape and recondition bristles. This acrylic restorer is usually applied by gently massaging the hair of the tips with the product, then rinsing and reshaping the tip to its original form. This product is used at the end of paintbrush productions to give them the final touch, and it is a helpful tool for maintaining the quality of paintbrushes and extending their lifespan.
This product is compatible with brush soap cleaner and preserver and should be used after removing all paint residue from the bristles. Recover the tips and leave them brand new.
This set includes a 17 ml pot

How to use a Paint Brush Restorer
A paint brush restorer is a product designed to clean and rejuvenate paintbrushes that have been used with acrylics, oil-based or solvent-based paints. It helps to remove dried residues and restore the hair of the tips to its original condition.

Here are the general steps on how to use it:
Wet the bristles of one that you want to recover with water.
Squeeze a small amount of product onto one of your fingers or a clean surface.
Gently massage the bristles into the gel, working the product through the bristles to the ferrule.
Use your fingers or a cloth to gently reshape the bristles back to their original form.
Leave it to air dry completely before using it again for about 10 minutes. Avoid leaving the tip to dry against something, e.g. placed upside down in a glass, as this can cause the bristles to lose their shape.
Before repainting, wipe the tip a bit with water to soften it.
Repeat the process after each painting session and your painting tools will be always like new.

Is it possible to repair the tip of synthetic brushes?
Yes, it is possible to recover the tip of the synthetic bristles in most cases. The repair will depend on the severity of the damage and the type of paintbrush you are using.
In terms of the strength of a synthetic paintbrush versus natural ones, synthetics are generally stronger in terms of durability and resistance to chemicals such as solvents and solvent-based colors. However, when deformed they draw something similar to a palm tree, i.e. they tend to curl the tips of the hairs outwards. This curvature of the plastic is not difficult to recover. The natural ones, on the contrary, are softer, fragile, and at the same time flexible. They end up breaking when they are very deteriorated, but it is very difficult for them to create deformations in the shape of a "palm tree", but even if they do, it is much easier to recover them.
In general, both synthetics and naturals can be recovered when they are not excessively damaged. Proper care, regular cleaning, and gentle handling can prolong their useful life.

Green Stuff World: 9329


Green Stuff World Brush Repair Gel 9329
Green Stuff World 17ml 9329 Brush Repair Gel


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