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Humbrol Paints And Accessories
Humbrol Paint Chart.
Parts are best painted before being glued together. Always scrape any paint from the surfaces to be glued to ensure a good bond - glue's effectiveness is much reduced on a painted surface. Always stir the paint to ensure a uniform mix throughout the container. Always apply paint sparingly on important detail so as not to obscure it, or thin the paint down to apply. When painting camouflage it is helpful to mark out the areas to be painted beforehand with a soft pencil. When applying several coats of paint always make sure that the previous coats have thoroughly dried, or fi lm 'wrinkling' can occur. When painting a large area using a brush it is better to use a larger brush to eliminate any brush strokes. Metallics cannot be over-coated; they are designed as a topcoat product only. Occasionally deposits of white matting agent can be seen when using Matt or Satin varnish. This can be easily rectified by applying a coat of gloss varnish which will dissolve the matting agent. A coat of Matt or Satin varnish can then be re-applied. After using your tinlet of paint always clean around the neck of the container before putting the lid back on. This will give a better seal between lid and tin. Allow at least 6 hours between coats - 24 hours is preferable. When using aerosols it is better to apply several light 'mist' coats than one heavy coat.


To Purchase paints from this site click HUMBROL Enamels
Or HUMBROL Acrylics

 Clear paint

Colour and name  Humbrol code
Red  1321 
Orange  1322 
Green  1325 

 Gloss paint
Colour and name  Humbrol code
Brunswick green 
Dark ad grey 
Light buff 
Service brown  10 
French blue  14 
Midnight blue  15 
Orange  18 
Bright red  19 
Crimson  20 
Black  21 
White  22 
Clear poly  35 
Lime  38 
Pale grey  40 
Ivory  41 
Sea blue  47 
Mediterranean blue  48 
Purple  68 
Yellow  69 
Pink  200 
Signal green  208 
Fire orange  209 
Ferrari red  220 

 Matt paint
Colour and name  Humbrol code
Duck Egg Blue  23 
Trainer Yellow  24 
Matt Blue  25 
Matt Khaki  26 
Matt Sea Grey  27 
Camouflage Grey  28 
Matt Dark Earth  29 
Matt Dark Green  30 
Matt Slate Grey  31 
Matt Dark Grey  32 
Matt Black  33 
Matt White  34 
Matt Varnish  49 
Matt Scarlet  60 
Matt Flesh  61 
Matt Leather  62 
Matt Sand  63 
Matt Light Grey  64 
Matt Aircraft Blue  65 
Matt Olive Drab  66 
Matt Tank Grey  67 
Matt Brick Red  70 
Matt Khaki Drill  72 
Matt Wine  73 
Matt Linen  74 
Matt Bronze Green  75 
Matt Uniform Green  76 
Matt Navy Blue  77 
Matt Cockpit Green  78 
Matt Blue Grey  79 
Matt Grass Green  80 
Matt Pale Yellow  81 
Matt Orange Lining  82 
Matt Ochre  83 
Matt Mid Stone  84 
Matt Light Olive  86 
Matt Steel Grey  87 
Matt Deck Green  88 
Matt Middle Blue  89 
Matt Beige Green  90 
Matt Black Green  91 
Matt Desert Yellow  93 
Matt Brown Yellow  94 
Matt RAF Blue  96 
Matt Chocolate  98 
Matt Lemon  99 
Matt Red Brown  100 
Matt Mid Green  101 
Matt Army Green  102 
Matt Cream  103 
Matt Oxford Blue  104 
Matt Marine Green  105 
Matt Ocean Grey  106 
Matt WW1 Blue  109 
Matt Natural Wood  110 
Matt Rust  113 
Matt US Dark Green  116 
Matt US Light Green  117 
Matt US Tan  118 
Matt Light Earth  119 
Matt Light Green  120 
Matt Pale Stone  121 
Matt Gull Grey  140 
Intermediate Blue  144 
Matt Medium Grey  145 
Matt Light Grey  147 
Matt Radome Tan  148 
Matt Dark Green  149 
Matt Forest Green  150 
Insignia Red  153 
Insignia Yellow  154 
Matt Olive Drab  155 
Azure Blue  157 
Khaki Drab  159 
German Camouflage Red Brown  160 
Antique Bronze  171 
Brown  186 
Dark Stone  187 
Dark Slate Grey  224 
Middle Stone  225 
Interior Green  226 
Matt Desert Sand  250 

 Metalcote paint
Colour and name  Humbrol code
Matt aluminium  27001 
Polished aluminium  27002 
Polished steel  27003 
Gunmetal  27004 

 Metallic paint
Colour and name  Humbrol code
Silver  11 
Copper  12 
Gold  16 
Green mist  50 
Sunset red  51 
Baltic blue  52 
Gunmetal  53 
Brass  54 
Bronze  55 
Aluminium  56 
Chrome silver  191 
Metallic black  201 
Moonlight blue  222 

 Satin paint
Colour and name  Humbrol code
Satin oak  71 
Coal black  85 
Extra dark sea grey  123 
Satin US dark grey  125 
Satin US medium  126 
Satin US ghost grey  127 
Satin US compass grey  128 
Satin US gull grey  129 
Satin white  130 
Satin mid green  131 
Satin red  132 
Satin brown  133 
Satin varnish  135 
Dark camouflage grey  156 
Dark green  163 
Dark sea grey  164 
Medium sea grey  165 
Light aircraft grey  166 
RAF barley grey  167 
Signal red  174 
Dark green  195 
Light grey  196 
Garter blue  221 


Humbrol Paints



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We take a selction of new and second-hand model kits to all shows.

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